Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Year of Blogging

I started this blog in November 2010, one year, forty postings, and (if the auto-counter is to be believed) some twelve thousand hits ago.  Growing up in a pre-computer era, I am amazed with the wizardry of software to integrate text and photos, enabling me to share stories with the wider world.  It has been an interesting and occasionally demanding undertaking for me and I hope it has been interesting to readers as well.  (I would appreciate your feedback and advice... although several friends have written supportive comments, I have no way of knowing how widely it is read.)   As a commemoration, I have organized its contents into several broad, but overlapping topics in this anniversary post.  I will be as curious as anyone to see what Year Two will bring!

Personal History
First Blog
My First Summer in the Sierra
Six to Sixty: A "Natural" Progression
Red Rock Reflections on the Windsong
photo by Jim Grace

 Natural History
Storm Lichens
Backyard Biota: Insects
Backyard Biota: Fencepost Lichens
Signs of Spring
Signs of Fall
A Walk in the Woods
A Walk on the Prairie
A Walk through the Glade
A Prairie Landscape in Iowa
Nature in Cubeville
Davenport Discoveries
Omaha Observations

Kayaking In Iowa
Mountains of the Mississippi
Return to Red Rock
May 21 at 6:01 PM
Modern Lake, Ancient River
October Outing

Kayaking Out of Iowa
Up North
Isle Royale Circumnavigation
Southern Great Lakes
Apostles Again
Kayaking Out of Iowa
Out West
Great Salt Lake
Palouse River Canyon
Puget Sound
Yellowstone Lake

Kayaking Out of Iowa
Down South
Everglades Ecotour
Ozark Paddling: Bull Shoals Lake

Kayaking Skills and Safety
Ups and Downs of Learning to Roll
Kayak Craziness with a Purpose
Three Stages of Kayaker Evolution
photo by Diane Michaud Lowry
New Zealand
New Zealand Landscapes
New Zealand Nature: Sea to Summit

Special Events
Project AWARE
BugGuide Gathering

2010 Hindsight
Frosty Morning
Our Shared Planet